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Love wearing Hats or Beanies?
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Create your own polls

Create your own polls

You might often wonder which dress to pick for a date, what hairstyle works best with your new pants or whether to pick sandals or boots with your Christmas outfit. Now, simply create a poll on baetter and receive feedback from thousands of users before you make the call!

Things you'd love on baetter

Things you'd love on baetter


Relish The Sassy Seven

A collection of smoking hot polls delivered to you twice a day


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Find interesting poll collections on any hashtag you like such as fashion, food, travel, etc

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Create some awesome polls and get featured in the Baetters Best – a collection of trending polls


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Make new friends and check out some interesting polls created by them

Kinda dress that's totally your style?
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Brands on baetter

Brands on baetter

There are many reasons why brands love baetter! It is a one stop destination to get the attention of thousands of millennials through sponsored polls and increase brand visibility It is also the easiest way to reach out to your target audience and find out about their likes and dislikes, receive a response on products and drive traffic Reach out to us & let’s talk details!

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