About baetter

Baetter is a fun polling app where you can find everything that's new, trending and full of oomph. We spend every single day making choices; whether it is about outfits, food, places to travel, restaurants to try and so on. Baetter makes it possible for you to create a poll within seconds and gather opinions of thousands of people on any question you might have! Picking the best was never easier.

But there are many more reasons why people love baetter...
  1. Create your own polls
    ‘What should I wear for my date this Saturday?’ ‘Is this dress too casual for a dinner party?’ – Sounds familiar? Now each time you need bae’s opinion on what to wear, what hairstyle to pick or which guy to choose for your prom; simply create your own baecards, compare & find out what the baetter community thinks instantly!

  2. Vote & influence trends
    Wouldn’t it be fun if you got to influence the trends that go viral around you? By voting on polls, you actually get to decide what’s trending! So get on baetter and have a say over subjects ranging the world of fashion, entertainment, sports, media to music, men & everything that matters.

  3. Get featured in the Community Feed
    This is the most exciting part! If we find your questions buzz-worthy, you’ll find yourself featured among the trending polls! So stay glued to the trending section to check out the creamiest polls created by the baetter community and keep creating awesome polls to find yourself there.

  4. Daily Sassy Sevens
    Stay updated with the latest trends in town with a collection of special polls popularly known as the Sassy Seven. Twice a day, you’ll receive a set of smoking hot questions on everything that’s buzzing in your social circle.

  5. Explore Collections
    Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could browse though polls that exactly match your interests? No worries! Baetter brings to you the most exciting collections of polls on specific categories such as fashion, food, travel, celebs and so on.
If you haven’t noticed already, there’s only scope for fun on baetter. So take a minute, checkout the app and let us know how you like it!